Care & Handling

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Wash your hands and the ocular prosthesis thoroughly with water and clear antibacterial hand soap. Do not use soap containing moisturizers, abrasives, or fragrance.


Hold the prosthesis with your thumb and index finger. Lift your top eyelid with your other hand.


Slide the top of the prosthesis under the top eyelid as far as it will go.


Holding the prosthesis in place with one finger, use your other hand/finger to pull down on the lower eyelid until the prosthesis slips under the lower eyelid.


Using a mirror, make sure your prosthesis is in correctly.

Step 1:

Wash your hands and suction cup thoroughly with antibacterial soap. Separate the eyelids and place the suction cup onto the center of the prosthesis. Push the suction cup back until it forms a suction and locks onto your prosthesis.

Step 2:

With your finger pull the lower eyelid down.

Step 3:

With the suction cup tilt the ocular prosthesis out over the lower eyelid. Clean your prosthesis and suction cup every time you insert or remove your prosthesis.

A daily cleaning regimen of your ocular prosthesis and eyelids is recommended. This is necessary to remove normal secretions from your socket that can accumulate on the eyelid margins and surface of your prosthesis. We offer several solutions to keep your eye looking and feeling clean and comfortable. Your doctor and ocularist will advise you which of the following cleaning options is best for you.

Option 1:

Upon rising in the morning, apply a warm compress over your lids and prosthesis to soften and dissolve any dried secretions. Close the eye and gently scrub the eyelid and eyelashes with OCuSOFT Lid Scrub using side to side strokes. Using a clean applicator, gently wipe the surface of the prosthesis with a temporal (ear) to nasal (nose) motion. Thoroughly irrigate using OCuSOFT Irrigating Solution making sure that OCuSOFT Lid Scrub is rinsed away.

Option 2:

Without removing your prosthesis, upon rising wet a clean cotton wash cloth with warm tap water. Gently wipe the eyelids and front of the ocular prosthesis using a side to side motion. Rinse your eye and face well. Use a clean wash cloth every time to eliminate the risk of infection.

Option 3:

While showering, hold your face up toward the shower head allowing the warm water to rinse away any secretions that may have accumulated on your prosthesis. After showering, gently blot your eye and face with a clean dry cotton towel.

Option 4:

Remove your ocular prosthesis if recommended by your doctor or ocularist. With your fingers gently wash your prosthesis under warm running tap water using a clear antibacterial hand soap or baby shampoo.

WARNING: Do not use alcohol or hand-sanitizer on your ocular prosthesis. Both of these products are toxic to plastic and will cause cracks on the surface of your prosthesis. Unfortunately, you will then need to have a new prosthesis made.