In July, 2012, I was diagnosed with ocular melanoma. My eye was removed, and the surgeon did an excellent job. I really did not think losing an eye would be an issue, but it was. One of my very young granddaughters was hesitant to come close to me. When Robin built my eye, I was amazed! It matches my good eye, perfectly. She worked so hard to get the size, veins, color and the pupil correct. When my little granddaughter saw me with my new prosthesis, she smiled and jumped into my arms. What a blessing. I am so thankful my surgeon recommended Robin Dudash as my ocularist. Patricia H.
When I lost my real eye I felt anger, hopelessness and fear. Ms. Dudash spent a lot of time making my eye. She made me feel special and is honest. When I got my new prosthesis, I felt on top of the world. My friends can’t tell I lost my eye. Richard Y.
Getting my new ocular prosthesis has changed my life in so many ways. I’m happier and feel more secure. I’m not afraid to have pictures taken of me. But, most importantly, I can look at people face to face. Ms. Dudash treated me very well. Jose G.
Losing your eye is a great loss. To find an ocularist who has the talent and cares, I think comes from an understanding of what your eyes mean to you. The only difference in this eye and the one god made is that I can’t see. I have never felt more grateful to Ms. Dudash. Bud M.